10 all-time romantic movies to watch without fail!

Binge-watching these movies will make you fall in love with each other all over again.

10 all-time romantic movies to watch this weekend!

Sure you must be bored with the Quarantine already. Managing with WFH schedules, untimely meetings, watching your selected shows over and over again with no definite timeline to look forward to. But with the weather this romantic these days, you sure must harness that emotion with your betterhalf by your side. In case you’re done with your current watch-list, we, at Betterhalf.ai, have clubbed a list of romantic movies to watch this weekend with your bae to aggravate the love and warmth. In case you are away from your bae, you can watch these on Netflix party. And if you are single, you know where to look for your bae!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

This metaphysical journey of lost love stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet tops our list of romantic movies to watch. The story follows the life cycle of a split couple who both undergo a special procedure to erase each other’s memories. Interesting, isn’t it?

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Crazy Rich Asians 

Crazy Rich Asians is particularly hyped on Netflix these past months but it surely keeps its name. The film sheds light on family heritage while entertaining romance. This movie is not just worth watching for romance but also for the incredible scenery all along. 

Where to watch: Netflix

The Incredible Jessica James

This movie is a Netflix original. If you’re craving to watch a classic love story, this one can fill you adequately. The movie is about a jaded woman in the city who takes a chance to rethink love. Jessica Williams plays a burned-out playwright who eventually ends up falling in love with a divorced app designer (Chris O’Dowd) whom she met on a blind date. Who knew blind dates can turn into such beautiful love stories!

Where to watch: Netflix

Notting Hill 

A romantic movie list without Julia Roberts in it is asinine. The nuanced and rare love stories between a commoner and a movie star are the top game of Roberts’s heap of films. And this one sure is amongst the winners.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Kate and Leopold

This movie, starring the high priestess of romantic comedies, Meg Ryan, follows the journey of a 21st-century woman who falls in love with a strapping time traveler, Hugh Jackman, from the 1800s. Science mixed with romance, who doesn’t want that? We personal enjoy this romantic movie to watch!

Where to watch: Didn’t find any link, let us know if you find it!

My Best Friend’s Wedding 

This ’90s classic is a romantic journey that dives a little more on the meaning of love and a little less on the end result. It will also provide a quick introspection on yourself while in the dating process. Ready to introspect? Are we? 

Where to watch: Netflix

Crazy, Stupid, Love 

Crazy, Stupid, Love came out in the era when romantic movies were trying hardest to be a thing. Out of all, this one made the closest to be the next big thing. The best part about the movie is that it is extremely casual, and you’ll find yourself totally invested in it.

Where to watch: Netflix

A Star is Born 

The latest release but still one of the most acknowledged romantic movies of all time. It is a story of two lovers on dramatically parallel paths: a famous celebrity furiously racing to the bottom and a woman who’s steadily soaring to the top. This fourth version of the movie is a gorgeous heartbreaker so don’t forget to take tissues.

Where to watch: Netflix

50 First Dates

A cheesy yet heartwarmingly sweet film, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as protagonists. In the entire movie, there isn’t a dull scene. This romcom will surely inspire your boo to take some time off and pamper you!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peeling Society 

Period romantic dramas makes a perfect cozy night in with your betterhalf, and this movie will promise you that. The story unfolds as a writer from London learns of a secret book club formed during the Nazi occupation of Guernsey Island, and eventually falls in love with a club member on his assignment. Cute, isn’t it?

Where to watch: Netflix

Pop some corn and get ready to start the weekend, shall we?

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