4 most common mistakes women make with profile pictures online.

One of the most common problems with online profile pictures: you show up to finally meet that new person and they look different than they did in their profile photos. If you’re the person using photos that don’t truly represent what you look like now, what does it say about you?

We have noticed these 4 common mistakes women make with online profile pictures:

1. People do really judge a book by its cover:

You’re almost set to explore the world of marriage and in an ideal world all women want to be carefully chosen as the most suitable one by men and then suddenly you realize most of your recent pictures are selfies or you struggling to peep in through a bunch of other faces or even worse, a blurry and tainted photograph! Having no luck in getting a decent man to message you? Is your inbox looking empty? Ever contemplated as to why? We hate to admit it, but it may be the profile you’ve created has a lot of glitches or maybe you’ve been in a relationship for as long as a decade that you never felt the importance to master the art of building a matrimonial site.  

2. No second chances on making a first impression:

That being said, if you’re wearing sunglasses with a shabby backdrop or say half of your face is covered by your pet dog ‘Snowy’, or your back is towards the camera while you’re admiring the beauty of the setting sun- all these clearly imply that you’re hinting men about how you run low on your self-esteem. You’d not ideally want the first emotion he feels when he sees you in person to turn out to be a disappointment. Isn’t it?

An image that reflects your actual personality is highly recommendable. One would likely want to see the whole of you. Regardless of how big an introvert or extrovert you are, be sure that your pictures are reflective of you and your real-world interests.

3. No playing ‘Guess who’ game:

Do you want the very first question to be ‘Which one would you be?’ in a picture that has ten other people. Your inner voice screeching ‘Look at me, I’m social’. I am sure you look great in your fashion show photograph and ideally you’d like him to investigate further in your profile to gradually reveal the fascinating layered mystery box that you are, but note it; he’s not going past your first photograph and he’s not out there to marry the rest of them!

Don’t be hesitant. Allow people to perceive your actual self. Put your confident self forward.

4. Looks can be deceptive:

Lark? Reyes? or Willow?’, in a world of Instagram that offers us with so many filter options, one would like to be familiar with in order to learn about it. Enhanced photographs are enticing, but it doesn’t weigh up your persona. Of course, they’re making snap judgments about you based solely on your profile photo. That grainy, low-resolution photo you uploaded from other social media platforms isn’t doing you any favours and if you even think about posting a photo from five years ago, then my lady give your husband search journey a break!

It might backfire if it diverges too much from the reality. So, post a picture without the use of any filters and be brave enough to tell the world how beautiful you naturally are!

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