5 Easy ways to support your partner

When someone asks you what you’re searching for in a mate, what do you say?

People frequently mention “someone who supports me and my goals.” Sure, we all want it, but have you ever considered how to be a supportive partner? You and your partner both deserve to be supported. This article will show you how in simple easy ways. 

Support way No.1: 

Show that you care. We often care about our partners but forget to show it, which could be due to work or any other distractions. In this case, how will your partner know that you actually care? He/She might overthink and feel left out. Make it a point to do some gestures which tell them that you care. Some suggestions? 

A random text mid-work, little notes, helping them with daily work, and more can be done for them to know

Support way No.2: 

Share your feelings so that they can share them back. This way you make it clear that you two are each other’s safe place and can vent everything out. The best feeling is when you return home and have that special person waiting for you to talk, to eat with, to listen to…simply be that person 

Support way No.3: 

Get to know about their passions & desires. Taking interest and participating in the fields they are passionate about is one of the best ways to support them. What’s better than a partner who understands you and your career. This will boost their confidence as an individual and push them to do more. Grow with your partner.

Support way No.4:

Be their stress buster. Make a vibe where your partner can come and forget all the stress they have. Pro tip? HUMOUR!! Helps big time!

Let your partner know that they are bigger than any stress and will overcome whatever they want. Basically, be the cheerleader your partner needs.

Support way No.5:

Acknowledge the efforts they take. Your partner is probably trying to support you in all the ways possible, but are you acknowledging these efforts? Pay attention and tell them that you see it all and are grateful for all the efforts. 

Bonus point:

See them, notice them, compliment them so much to a point where they actually get annoyed and ask you to stop with the compliments :p. Oh! And keep them all genuine, like come on we don’t like fake compliments, do we? 

-with love, for love<3

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