5 great questions to ask on your first meeting.

What’s more nerve-wracking than a first meeting, especially with someone you barely know. And while firsts are always considered to be a precursor to an actual relationship that will further mature into something more serious. Initial meetings are also almost an interview disguised as a social outing.

The first meeting with your prospective match is likely to happen in a coffee shop or a restaurant. That’s why figuring out what to talk about the way ahead of time with a list of effective questions and conversation starters are very important.

The trick to successfully anticipate the prospect of the very first encounter is to figure out what questions to be asked and how to approach the same.

  1. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

Some of us will come up with trivial responses but there is always a possibility that you may uncover something profound. There could be new dimensions to your future partner’s life that was never shared through the profile.

2. How much does love and affection matter to you?

This question is fairly straightforward. It is meant to gauge the fact how love and affection have moulded someone’s life. If the person answering this question had a strenuous childhood and a disturbed family life, there could be serious issues to look out for. That will further notify as to how important family bonds are to that concerned person.

3. If you’re made to stand in front of the Oracle, and it has the ability to successfully predict yourself, your future or anything else for that matter, what would you want to know?

A sincere question to dive into one’s deepest anxieties and yearnings. Not many would feel comfortable at the first go to open up, but it is always good to try your luck out!

4. Is there anything close to your heart that you have been longing to do, but couldn’t?

Not all of us do what we enjoy doing and get paid for it! Some of us have unfulfilled dreams and this question is a gateway to finding out what your future partner is really interested in. Response to this question will further help you to perceive about the other person; whether he or she is okay with a simple life or an ambitious one.

5. What are you looking for in your ideal match?

This is how you will find out if the partner you are yet to decide upon is suitable for you or not. Steer clear of topics can bring in more clarity which will be of great aid in every kind of decision-making process.


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