5 important things to see while choosing your life partner

So what is it that you really look for when you look for someone? A pretty subjective question and some would say there is no particular answer! Well, you would be surprised to know but there is! We seek a companion, and for any companionship to occur…let’s think of it as a friendship, for any friendship to occur, you need the basics right. Here are the five basics you want to make sure are there, before you think of “I do”:

Long-term goals

Do you want to open a food chain by 45? Or does she wanna travel by 45, and doesn’t care about saving up for your venture? Noone has seen what happens after today. Still, if we are assuming that the world goes on, and so does life; you need to know where do they want to take their life! If it is a life-long companionship, then you should long to work for a similar lifestyle.

Short-term goals

So, you both want the same things 20 years down the line, but what about near future? Is she willing to shift to your city, or are you willing to apply for new jobs to suit your relationship? Love is in the details, and the larger picture is perhaps not as important as the present is.

Intellectual Compatibility

So, if you are someone who wants to talk about how Loki is misunderstood? Or if you don’t understand why she needs to have talks about universe at 12 AM, maybe there’s a gap! Because in the end, humans do qualify as intelligent (all of us, surprising! I know!). Our brains need stimulation, and the gratification that comes with speaking of what you love. In short, find someone who stimulates your brain and calms your mind!

Things you absolutely want

Set up a few things that you need in a partner, like loyalty or honesty. It could also be simple things, like they must be from your profession. Decide what is it that you absolutely need, but remember you will get a mixed bag. So, you have to pick out your favorite fruits in advance and then judge if you want the bag!

Thing you absolutely don’t

In the mixed bags, you will find some oddities too. Decide on the bad eggs that are absolute No! If you can’t stand a smoker, don’t ignore it. If something is bothering you, ask them if they could live without it. Maybe you are settling for something that isn’t yours!


These are the very basics you should be thoughtful about, while looking at future “husbands” / “wives”. In case, you need our help in finding someone who is just the right fit for you, we do have an AI powered match-making app. Try us!

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