5 little things you can learn from Dhruv & Kavya!

5 things to learn from Dhruv & kavya - Little things

Recently we posted an Instagram poll for the best on-screen couple and guess what, 73% of our followers voted for this absolutely cute couple – Dhruv & Kavya from Little Things. And as promised to our Betterhalf followers, here’s an article on how Dhruv & Kavya are topping the list!

Four years ago, Dice media came up with a web series that had nothing “out-of-the-box” special but just a story of an ordinary, young Indian couple and the common struggles they face in their relationship. However, the simplicity and rawness of the show took an unexpected turn and connected the audience effortlessly with the love story of Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya (Mithila Palkar). The originality of the characters made young couples idolize their love and flutter their hearts with the on-screen romance, leading to a huge success of the show. The sole credit for the success of the show goes to the love between the couple and the ups and downs they go through. But, how did Dhruv and Kavya create such an ideal relationship and what you can learn from them? Well, let’s dig down some of the prominent qualities of the couple which makes them an inspiration for every other couple out there.

Mutual understanding

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One of the most important factors to maintain a healthy relationship is to have a mutual understanding which strengthens a couple. It’s simply amazing how well Dhruv and Kavya understand each other. Both of them know when to take that extra step and to lend a sturdy hand if the other one is having a rough day. They always make sure that they make it all bloom for their betterhalf.

Love > fights, always

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Throughout the three seasons, they fight against all the odds in life together, rather than fighting with each other. This highlights the maturity and deep love, doesn’t it?

Having each other’s back, always!

It’s a refreshing delight to see how they both do everything possible under their limits and sometimes out of their limits too, to fulfill each other’s desires. Be it traveling hundreds of kilometers to get Dhruv’s ‘Mutton Cutlet’ or the late-night ‘Shawarma hunts’, they both share a sweet tooth they can’t deny and the idea of sharing it with someone is quite dreamy, isn’t it?

Acceptance of the good and the bad

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The highlight of their loving relationship is that they let each other be themselves, without changing anything about each other. They accept each other wholeheartedly and that’s the ultimate goal of being together, isn’t it?

And finally, the little things

In the end, all that matters are the little things. The unspoken, unrealized, and not-very-grand gestures that makes you feel loved and protected. Watching Dhruv and Kavya on-screen, the series churns out some really cute lil things that make us go ‘awww’. Be it Kavya making tea for Dhruv when he is exhausted or Dhruv pampering her when she falls sick; it makes us believe in fairytales, all over again.

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