Going on a first date with someone you met online? These 5 tips might help you.

Seeking a partner can be a scary chapter for those who aren’t used to search their life partner online, and with an onset of matchmaking apps out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. Sure, you can avoid online matchmaking which will likely lead to being set up by friends or relatives, or meeting people through work, at a cafe or bar or through other numerous activities—this isn’t always easy, especially if you’re caught up in the hustle of a big city. This is why the convenience of online matrimony like Betterhaf is now roofing the charts and is more normal than ever. And believe it or not, people actually find long-term partners through these once stigmatized rituals.

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Talking about the matrimonial scene, the rules of seduction remain an enigma to many people as they don’t exist. On a first date, there is no magic spell to guarantee a relationship or even a second encounter.

Nonetheless, some tricks do work, whereas another first-date etiquette is just textbook errors. 

With a little thoughtfulness, imagination, a pinch of style and confidence – alongside these below-stated strategies and ideas – you can effortlessly excel the first date and can leave with sure-fire plans for the second one.

1. Prepare Yourself for the Date

If you want to plan a surprise on the first date, the least you can do for your date is to give a clue for what to wear. There is nothing, literally nothing worse than being under or over-dressed. Turning up with a gown at a bar or sporting jeans at an opera surely will cost you an embarrassment for life. Make sure to take pride in your appearance- white teeth, fresh breath, pretty shoes, and unchapped lips all contribute their part towards that important good first impression. Just remember to look attractive and when on a date, shell out compliments: It’s simple, it’s important, it works! If your date looks good, smell nice or speak well, tell them. Don’t go overboard though, as you don’t want to sound low-value at best and plain creepy at worst.

2. Keep The Conversation Original And positive

Another thing to make sure on a first date: Do not keep talking about your work or routine questions to your date. If s/he’s ever been on a date before in her life, which s/he might have; then s/he’s already had these general, boring conversations on dates before. Be bold, and step up to the next interesting level. Also, remember nobody wants to listen to the tragedies of your life on a first date, so remember, don’t badmouth your ex, complaining about all the wrong things in your life or tell your entire life story. Appearing baggage-heavy is an instant turn-off and can make the date uncomfortable.

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3. Don’t Get Too Personal

Don’t grill your date on their deepest, darkest secrets in order to appear interested or to sound like a good listener or a conversationalist. Make eye contact, smile, and try to be engaging with your conversation. These traits are attractive without being overwhelming. Never try to assess your long-term compatibility on a first date. BUT, make sure to flirt a little here and there between the conversation and have fun or you’ll never get to your ideal stage!

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4. Focus on Your Body Language

While on a date, people usually don’t tend to be touchy. But just in case, if she touches your arm amid a conversation, you should know she’s probably interested. Whereas leaning away is a textbook bad sign. If he waits for the extra 30 seconds at a slight distance after dropping you at your place shows he’d like to do more but doesn’t want to push it. It’s a sign of respect, concern for your safety, but also a complimentary sexual attraction. If you don’t already know your body language, start working on learning it.

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5. Listen To Your Date

An ideal case with most of the girls is that if she’s quite comfortable with you on the first date, she will speak her heart out. Open your ears and let her finish whatever she speaks. But know this: you don’t have to agree with every point she makes. It’s healthy to challenge someone, but don’t be confrontational. Question things that you don’t agree with, have a two-sided conversation, and hold yourself a bit if you find yourself talking more – rather than your date. 

Pro Tip: After the meal, don’t forget to tip well: No one likes a cheapskate.

Even after following these basic rules, you didn’t bag a second date, just relax and remember: this is all practice, and practice makes perfect. As you get better at dating, your rating for the first impression will soar through the roof and you’ll see that more of your dates will be interested in taking things forward with you. All the luck and charm to you!

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