5 Types of Bridesmaids. Which one are you?

What would a bride do without her crazy Bridesmaid? They are the most underrated queens of the wedding. She serves as a listening ear for the bride’s thoughts, concerns, and joys. As a bridesmaid, you assist the bride in any way possible. Be a bathroom buddy, feeding food, keeping the energy up, having good pictures taken, and being ready for any dramatic scenarios- you got to do it all so prep up accordingly 😛

But have you wondered what kind of bridesmaid you’d be? Will you be the happiest bridesmaid or the most panicky? Will you be a true drama queen or a regular drunkard? So, to help you figure out which one you’ll be, we’ve put together a list of various kinds of bridesmaids that you might relate with.

 Read through the list to see which one best suits your personality!

  1. The Soul Sister. 

This is the bride’s soul sister, who fulfils all of the main bridesmaid duties sincerely. She does it all, from tending to her sister bride’s cravings during the wedding celebration to assisting her to the bathroom to ensuring her makeup and outfits are always on fleek.

  1. The one finding a Rishta.

She is that bridesmaid who is always on the top of her fashion game. Who makes all the single guys at the wedding skip their heartbeat. With her charm and beauty, she is the second most noticed girl after the bride. 

  1. The Party maniac. 

This one has her energy levels always on the top, she is the electricity of the wedding. Helps the bride while never stopping those “thumkas”. She simply knows that it’s all about having fun at the end of the day so why let go of these special days with any kind of seriousness? 

  1. The one with all the Gossip.

She’s the gangsta lady who has her eye on all the latest rumors, from who is trying on whom to who wore what. This one knows what all the “aunties” are exactly up to. Anyone could run to her for information because she doesn’t miss out on any.

  1. The Groom’s bff. 

She is her jiju’s most liked bridesmaid, not only assists the bride but also takes care of the groom. The groom plans his special surprises or gifts for his bride with this bridesmaid. To simply put, she is the calm for the bride and the groom in the whole chaotic scene. 

Be it any kind, bridesmaids are the drop dead gorgeous ladies who light up the wedding for the beautiful brides. 

Comment below, which kind of a bridesmaid will you be?

Also, are you that bridesmaid who is wanting to marry next?

 Betterhalf.ai has made love possible for many special ones and we would love for you to be one of them. Afterall, a bridesmaid would want to be a bride too 😛 

-with love, for love.

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