6 signs to identify the red flags on matrimonial websites

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Looking for the signs to find the red flags profiles on the matrimonial websites? Read on.

Online matrimonial websites have replaced traditional matchmakers or marriage brokers to a greater extent. Given the numerous advantages, these matrimonial services have like readily available data from across the world and clarity about the prospects’ wishes etc. It’s not surprising to find thousands of people interested, even parents, on these platforms to find their life partners.

However, there are many scammers too to beware of. As they say, no tank exists without bad fishes. There are people being duped by profiles found on leading matrimonial websites. If you are hoping to find your life partner on such sites, we at Betterhalf have identified the major red flags on these matrimonial websites to help you identify any scam and keep your data and yourself protected. Below are a few tips to spot fake accounts or imposters.

  1. Missing Information

The first alarming sign to notice a fake profile or a casual one is that you won’t find a detailed mini-world of the person on his/her profile. So if you find a profile which has an attractive profile picture but a very little description, think twice before sending in the request. 

First of all the description wheatish complexion can vary from Naomi Campbell gorgeous black to Russian Gymnast girls snow white colour 😁 So don’t go by the photo, you have to see face to face how much of wheatish is true and how much is a pinocchio nose lie.” – Bala Rajan, Quora
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At Betterhalf, we ensure that the user(s) provide a detailed description with all the authentic information and only then their profile is approved through our team. The profile authentication is not automatic to ensure that each and every profile on our platform is authentic and manually verified. 

  1. Not sharing social media profiles

The second step once you connect with any profile only, check their social media handles to confirm their identity. If they have not showcased it on their profile, ask them directly. If they hesitate or give you an excuse, try searching for their handles on the Internet with their full name anyways. Even if their profile is locked or they are skeptical to share their handles, you can search the profile and see its authenticity with the number of posts and followers. With the number of posts you can judge the seriousness of the account. 

People who don’t wish you to know about their social media profiles. A person’s social media speaks volumes about his personality, his choice of friends and the kinds of comments. This doesn’t mean we have to Snoop on the person. But I have caught people double-timing through their social media profiles.”- Baljeet Kaur
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In my personal case this guy who came thru matrimony is way too qualified. IIT,IIM the photo he shared of a guy who look perfect for me the perfect family ,boy and everything. He showed that he is totally loving and wants to get hooked. I don’t know it was inner instinct that made me alert i checked his name on the Internet. As expected the result was not found, address which he shared not exist. Even the number comes out to be of rice trader. When I checked on true caller, many people reported him spam . So I caught him but he started his emotional drama and I blocked him before it got worse. Thank god”– Riva Kapoor
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At Betterhalf, we make an option of Facebook login (one-click matching) available for the user(s) which ensures their originality. One of the key areas to check while verifying a profile on our platform is to check a person’s social media handles before making them live by our team.

  1. Asking for your personal information, more than what is required

Once you connect and start the conversation with your prospect, observe what s/he asks. If since the beginning, s/he is more inclined to know your salary, your materialistic holdings and anything related to finances, it surely is a red flag. At any point in the conversation, may it be 6 months or a year, make sure not to pay or share your account with the person, these things lead to the highest number of scams. 

One day when I said I am going for shopping then he said no need to go for shopping as he already did lots of shopping for me and its there in parcel, then I was like in full of doubts and started asking lots of questions to him then he got irritated (I also asked him parcel tracking ID then he said he dont have any..WTF dude). He asked my office address already. Next day he said today you’ll receive the parcel but before that you have to do some registration and have to pay some amount, I said OK.

Then I got one call, there was one lady, she said there is parcel with my name and currently is in New Delhi and I have to do some registration then only I can receive my parcel , I said OK and asked how do I do registration, then she said nothing to do only you have to transfer registration amount in one account (see…how lovely the registration process is! ), I said OK and asked her to share details in the message, then she messaged one account details and asked to transfer 38K in it, I still said OK (as I started enjoying this guy’s trap). Then I forwarded that account details to him and asked him to transfer the amount so then I can receive the parcel, he said he can’t as he is in Canada. I was like what the hell, I said… this looks like fraud for me, better you transfer money and ping me. After that I didn’t receive his calls and then he also didn’t reply to my messages. Next day I pinged (just for fun 😛 ) but he didn’t reply anything as he already failed in his game.” – Pushpa Kumari
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At Betterhalf, we regularly check and advise our users not to fall into any of the traps. If any user complaints about any profile and raises a spam complaint, we immediately remove that profile, no questions asked. Safety is our utmost concern and we don’t wait for more than one user to file a complaint before banning an account. If you feel it’s a spam or is in any way harassing you, raises a complaint and we will ban the profile immediately.

  1. Tagging you with mushy names very early

This sign is very important but very few people take heed to it. Once you start a conversation with a profile, if s/he instantly lure you with their words and call you their “to be” and give you nicknames like “wifey” or “honey” or anything for that matters before even meeting you in person or knowing much about you, that could be a red flag for sure. 

Some red flags are requests such as sudden emergency that requires money and you are the chosen atm, Not willing to skype or FaceTime, Immediately falling in love, immediately using terms such as “ darling “, “hunny”,”sweetheart “, Boasting about successes etc.”- Barbara Sharma
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At Betterhalf, we cannot guarantee the cheesiness of our users but one thing we are sure of, you won’t get people who are not true to themselves. So if they’re acting cheesy, they’re that way. But still, no pond is spotless so if you find anyone who’s hinting toward a red flag, contact our support immediately. 

  1. Not talking about his/her profession in detail

The next key sign to identify if the information provided by a person is fake or real, especially their profession and educational background, try asking them questions related to their field, in depth. Through this, you will get to know if they’re actually what they say they are or just faking it to get better matches.

It’s important to do a background check and health check with a reputed organisation about the future spouse and their family but its when you are getting ready for the next level of final settlement !”- Shekhar Mahapatra
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Usually they showcase themselves working professionals and speak high level English. Gets you on chat for 4 5 weeks then ask you to send money as they are in trouble or facing sudden challenge life.”- Ayaz Uddin
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At Betterhalf, we manually verify the profession of the profiles and also ask the users to submit their government ID proofs to ensure utmost security on the platform. So if a person claims to be a software engineer on our platform, s/he most probably will be.

  1. Profile created by a friend or relative

On many of the matrimonial websites, you will see that they have an option where the prospect’s family, friends or relatives can make a profile. They introduced this feature as some people are too shy to make their own profiles but nowadays, people are exploiting the feature just to check their net value in the marriage market, which is a shame. So, be extra particular if you find profiles like these, they might just be there for a casual activity.

When someone writes their own profile, it shows they are serious about their marriage and are not going through the process just because the parents think its the right time to marry. When parents or siblings write a profile (which is indeed the case in most matrimony sites), there are a couple of issues: Parents / siblings may not have the complete picture on the expectations that their son / daughter has from a prospective match. Their understanding of their son / daughter’s personality and lifestyle may not be entirely accurate on these matrimonial websites.”- Srinivas Krishnaswamy

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At Betterhalf, we make sure the screen picture matches behind-the-scenes too. So, be aware that there won’t be any direct family involvement in your personal chats. 

If you are keen to find a life partner and genuinely want to get married, try Betterhalf.ai to see if what we claim truly exists or not. Meanwhile, stay safe on other matrimonial websites. We wish you all the best in your partner-search. 🙂

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