6 ways to know if s/he is the one you want to get married to!

6 ways to know if s/he is the one you want to get married to!

In this era of hookups and patch-ups, if you by any chance, still believe in love and haven’t been dissuaded from the idea of a beautiful forever with a partner, give yourself a pat on the back!

Monogamy is becoming a difficult thing to practice nowadays, but it’s still a charming reality in most cases. But, what lies between the time you go on a date and slipping a wedding ring around the same date’s finger? All of us think of the reasons why to choose a person as a life partner. And the thought of it comes enveloped with a list of confusing emotions and jumbled societal norms. Well, to help you cluster these scattered thoughts, we, at betterhalf, have a few solid points to lay the foundation of your decision. If you’re intrigued already, read on. 

1. You share a lot of things more than just mere hobbies

It’s a wonderful feeling if your partner shares the same TV shows and movies as you. However, shared life interests go far beyond just mutual hobbies. Living your life fashioned with similar core beliefs, values, and ethics is a rare but a great deal. For instance, if your partner cares about your family as much as they care about theirs, you’ll never have to be involved in immature fights about prioritizing one. 

2.  Your relationship has seen its fair share of struggles but came out stronger than ever

Every couple will fight about one thing or another and anyone who lives differently is either too good to be true or dreaming of a fantasy-land made of bubblegum and candy. You can judge your relationship on the basis of the perseverance and maturity after the fights. If you guys don’t rip each other apart, that’s more than enough to be sure about this point. 

3. Their imperfections are adjustable

Everyone is flawed in this world. But as they say, being a blind lover, one can never see the “flaws” in their partner. You consciously believe everything about them is perfect. If you have found ‘the one,’ may it be a blind love also, if you can see their imperfections and believe they are not deal-breakers, congratulations, you might just have found your happy forever!

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4. They are committed to working towards the relationship

‘The one’ may encompass a variety of characteristics such as deep chemistry, compatibility, love, fun, admiration, respect, and humor, but the most important quality should be the commitment to work towards it. All of the aforementioned qualities might exist while you’re dating, but if you’re not sure how to foster them after years, there’s no point. Finding someone who wishes to make that journey of working towards nurturing it is key.

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5. They bring out the best version of you (and vice versa)

The most important aspect or a meaningful marker of a relationship is observing what your partner brings out in you and your life. If your romantic relationship is healthy and positive, you can feel confident in other aspects of your life as well. If your partner believes in you and your efficiency to achieve your goals and shows their support, you are more likely to achieve great things. 

6.  It just feels right

Sometimes, the only evidence you really need to find out is a feeling from your gut. Knowing if someone is right for you is often achieved by hearing your own inner voice and trusting your judgment. Trust your instincts, and pay close attention to how this person really makes you feel. If overall, you feel happy and healthy together, they might just be “the one” for you.

Still confused? Our advice would be to make a pros and cons list and once you’re done, you will find the answer in either defending your partner or accepting the results. That way, you’ll know what’s inside your heart. And in case, you are still searching for your betterhalf, why are we named then? Give us a try and see if AI can do that job for you by helping you search your partner based on compatibility. Start your life-changing journey here.

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