A bride’s manual to Wedding Shopping

Wedding shopping is both a stressful and enjoyable part of the wedding planning process. Especially for a bride who has been planning this day for a long time. Since we are usually to the rescue in matters of love, connections, weddings, and more, we have put together some shopping suggestions to make it easier.

The tips:


The first step is to decide and to be as specific as possible. This helps you avoid vagueness and be clear in the head. Do you want it all branded? Is there some specific designer in your mind? Do you want to go all fancy or simple in your style? Do you wish to coordinate with your groom? 

Probably you can go the extra mile and create a Pinterest board for all the ideas you find relatable. Now that you know what you want, let’s move on to the real drill…

Budget !

Set a budget for each dress. Is your wedding dress more expensive than other dresses in terms of price? Going shopping with a budget in mind is a good idea. If you’re unsure, go shopping with a budget limit in mind. How much is excessive? This will give you a general idea about where to begin.

Shopping buddies !

Adding this point to encourage you to decide on whom you want to take along for shopping. This is more important than it may seem but trust us. Though you may believe it’ll be a fun day out for all of your girls, mother, and entire family, you’ll just wind up confused and frustrated. 

We recommend bringing no more than one – and no more than two – reliable voices with you. You won’t be able to hear yourself think if you continue.


Believe it or not, lists are big time saviours!!! 

List up the stores you will visit alongside your whole day plan so that you don’t miss out on anything else due to the shopping run. 

Field work!

Hydrate yourself and move out to all the stores you chose, try on everything. Be upfront about what you want, your budget, any customization you might want, the date you want it at, etc…

COMPARE! You might like something at a store but make sure you compare, this might annoy the store people but it’s okay the brides are allowed :p


NEVER EVER tell the actual date of the wedding to the shopkeepers/ designers. Inform the seller that your wedding is one month ahead of schedule. You don’t want the dresses to arrive a week before the wedding, making changes if needed will get difficult.

Yeah! The tip is basically to lie but you gotta do what you gotta do. 


Apart from these logistics, all of this is for your day and stress is not good for the bride. So take it a chill and know that come what may, you are gonna look, feel, be gorgeous. 

Lastly, Shop with love & gratitude. We are here routing for you.

-with love, for love<3

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