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A secret hidden in plain sight — matchmaking is not the problem that needs solving 

Surprised? We were, back in 2016 when we stumbled upon this discovery. At the time, we were navigating the Wild West of the online dating world ourselves, naively expecting the hardest part to come when we had to narrow down, meet and then choose a future spouse from an exciting list of possible partners. Instead, the most difficult part — by far — occurred much earlier on. The unreliable and often comically off-target search process we had to endure to identify potential prospects nearly had us in tears (of laughter as much as sorrow). 

Since our A-ha! moment in 2016, we have connected with thousands of other people fed up and exhausted by unsatisfied partner searches of their own, and we’ve found they shared our experiences and exasperation. While industry stakeholders — entrepreneurs, investors, press and various collaborators — keep focusing on how to improve the tail-end of matchmaking, we realized that it is the early stage of navigating established online dating platforms that is the most turbulent, traumatic, agonizing and time-consuming. So we dug in and began exploring how to create a better platform to enhance the partner search process from the very get-go.

Today, over three-quarters of India’s young adults say they prefer to be guided by their friends and family over “free-choice” for marriage so that they can benefit from their wisdom and decades of experience building and nurturing romantic relationships. However, at the same time, the youth of today want more control in their decisions.

We knew the key to improving online dating lay in this insight — so we set out to capitalize on the knowledge and perspective gleamed from friends and family during the traditional offline experience to create a much more effective online one. We incorporated this intelligence across the entire process, from the moment the user signs on to build a profile, to the criteria he or she uses to search, to the way potential love interests are identified as prospects. Instead of relying on mathematical algorithms that simply focus on the online dater’s biography and partner wish list, we created a rich treasure chest of data drawn from real world couples that have succeeded over decades — Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides cutting-edge insight into the key factors that can make or break a long-term relationship. 

Our platform Betterhalf.ai is supported by analysis of past data of hundreds of millions of married couples — massive amounts of structured, reliable information — that we have used to design an end-to-end partner search product that guides users from the very start of their quest through every step until they find their compatible partner. And we’re making the experience reliable, fast and fun.

With today’s advancements in Machine Learning (ML)/AI, this is a unique moment in time to invent a smarter partner prediction engine on a massive scale. We have developed a powerful, sophisticated and state-of-the-art product capable of serving 60M Indians to begin with, with potential to expand around the world. Our vision is to build the world’s largest AI-based partner search engine, capable of transforming partner search, and quickly and accurately predicting compatible matches. 

Singles across India and around the world deserve to have a more precise, effective and insightful way to find a compatible mate. Betterhalf.ai has the platform, insight and data, expertise and passion to bring the next generation of partner search to India and to the global market.

Marching onwards and upwards,

Pawan Gupta,
Cofounder and CEO, Betterhalf.ai
Alum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Rahul Namdev,
Cofounder and CTO, Betterhalf.ai
Alum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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