Believe it or not, this couple got engaged within 3 weeks of getting matched on Betterhalf!

It doesn’t matter how much time you took to fall for someone, what matters is what made you fall in love.

Our latest success story of Tapan and Falguni truly proves the same. Their story has simplicity, spontaneity, and of course, LOVE, which tops it all. If we take a moment and think about it, love actually happens in just one moment. That moment when you see that person, you wish to know them, you want them to be a part of your life and once that happens, you simply feel Complete. 

Tapan and Falguni signed up on Betterhalf in February, 2021. Tapan matched with Falguni within the first 20 matches. After a week’s conversation on the app, Tapan popped the question since both of them believed in a simple, minimalist lifestyle, and shared a similar upbringing which made them feel compatible with each other. Two weeks later, Tapan and Falguni got engaged on the 20th March in Pune. Currently, the couple is busy planning their wedding scheduled for the first week of May. 

When we spoke to Tapan, he gladly poured his heart with all honesty. Keep reading for the bits of insights from their short yet beautiful journey that started with Betterhalf, a trusted Ai matrimony app for urban Indians

Tapan began with…. “I had been on Betterhalf for about a few weeks, but within first 20 matches, I saw Falguni’s profile, and what really stood out to me was the photo that showed her simplicity, good height, and a good dressing sense, and a picture that one does not upload to impress anyone! I’m a simple family-oriented guy who did not even use such apps till the time being serious about marriage, so seeing that she also showed simplicity in pics to start with really made me swipe right on her. 
(I told her that, but she still thinks I’m kidding—I’m not!)” 

“After we matched, we talked non-stop for a few days and got along very well instantly. Unlike other couples, we did not decide to go on a date or coffee or meet directly.” 

Indeed, the advanced approach to a situation like this is to get together out on the town. A Lot of reasoning, questioning, yet that is not how this couple decided to be. They decided to be forthcoming and view it seriously all along.

Moving forward Tapan gave us details about how they took a big step forward and involved both the families at this stage. 

“Her family is based in a different city – Nagpur, which is quite a distance from Pune where I am based, it was a challenge to meet up. Luckily during that time, her mother was in the city and was about to leave for Nagpur. We decided to go ahead and invited Falguni and her mother to our place and then we had a basic discussion etc. Both our mothers also got along pretty well and we went ahead and matched the kundalis. The result was positive and immediately next weekend, her father and her sisters’ family came to Pune and visited us again with Falguni.

Then the following weekend – Falguni and her family invited us to their place and since everything was good, we fixed the engagement date as 20th March 2021. We both were so happy and excited, it all happened so quickly and we didn’t even feel that we had not met even once outside!”

Very genuinely, a beautiful stranger can literally walk in and become a big part of your life. Isn’t it so fascinating? Also, the bond their family shares is so precious, we can imagine their happiness when both the families approved of them happily. We appreciate how they both worked it out so well, it clearly shows their maturity and sincerity for each other and both the families. When the universe wants it to happen for you everything can work in your favor in no time. 

Tapan continued sharing about his time together with Falguni before their engagement day…

“Since we had only 2 weekends before our engagement, we quickly started with some shopping and following Sunday – we met for the first time without parents. I took her to a mall where we roamed around a bit and then sat in place and started to talk. We both were excited and a bit nervous also as everything happened so quickly. We had a nice dinner as well that day”

”Before our engagement that’s the only time we met outside; But it all worked out. After that date, we both deactivated our betterhalf profiles (for good of course) and started communicating like normal people. We used to share pictures of our shopping and excitement at home, guests visiting a day before, house parties, mehndi functions etc before the engagement.

Finally, the day arrived and we are happily engaged and now cannot wait to fix and announce our marriage date soon. Both our families are happy with the way things went and a lot of them appreciated and liked each other’s guests/families and both of us.”

This part of the story is our personal favorite where they promised each other to stay together forever in the form of an engagement. Where the two families became one and in the middle of a chaotic pandemic Tapan and Falguni calmly shared love. 

Tapan concluded on a sweet note for Betterhalf, saying….

“I am genuinely grateful to Betterhalf and its team for developing with an app which is not a typical dating app, unlike others. Here everyone is with the same intentions of marriage and finding profiles of a good compatible partner which this app provides.
It was amazing to receive a personal call directly from the CEO Mr. Pawan Gupta who is such a humble and down-to-earth person.
Keep up the great work team.
Thank you.”

Betterhalf too is super grateful for such genuine souls who are taking efforts and steps to find the love they deserve. We are gladly serving more people like Tapan and Falguni to meet their life partners and lead a gorgeous life. It gives us immense pleasure and motivation to keep providing more. 

Matches sure are made in heaven, Betterhalf could be your medium to find that one made for you.

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