Bollywood Couples and what we can learn from them

We admire our Bollywood stars for various reasons, such as their style, preferences, vacations, movies, and more. They have a personal life other than the one on our screen which could teach us if we dig in.

Since is all about love, in this blog we’ll unfold what lessons they’ve taught us about true love. 

We have some beautiful stories for you to look up to and model in our lives. 

Here are a few marriage lessons we can all learn from these famous Bollywood couples.

1. Opposites do attract – Ranveer & Deepika.

If you think about it, no one had ever imagined them together since they are very different from each other. Deepika is mysteriously beautiful and graceful and isn’t too vocal about her personal life.

Whereas Ranveer Singh is always loud, charming, and bursting with energy. They match one other’s contrasting personalities and fit so perfectly together. 

Moral? Never shy away or give up on someone just because they have a different personality than yours. 

2. Nothing more matters in love than love – Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan.

He got married for the second time to someone with a 10 years of age gap. She’s the leading actress who hasn’t stopped being amazing with her career post marriage and post-pregnancy too.

Here, we can learn the grace this couple has to live maturely and make your own rules as a couple. Also, the fact that everyone deserves true love even if it arrives at a different age than expected. 

3. Patience can make true love walk in – Mira Rajput & Shahid Kapoor

Firstly, let’s acknowledge how astonishing is the fact that they met each other out of their profession and through their parents. This couple now is head over heels in love and frequently seen showing affection towards each other publicly. 

We all have a different mindset on the traditional ways of getting married but this couple has one arranged but the love they hold is unreal. 

Perhaps we can all learn from them about how to be patient with old customs and allow love to blossom. 

4. The best way to begin is through friendship- Genelia & Ritesh Deshmukh.

When they first met and began dating, she was a teenager and he was in his twenties. Best friends to lovers, their love bloomed as they progressed.

It’s their initial friendship that made the bond so strong. Friendship is the secret to a successful marriage. Hence the pro tip- Be Bffs first and a couple later.

5. Support and consistency makes it happen – Anushka Sharma & Virat Kholi 

We all heard from the media that Anushka is the reason for Virat’s bad performance in cricket, there were critics all over. But, this couple chose to stand together, support, and embrace each other consistently. They are both on the top of their game and lead a healthy life together. 

No matter what people say, it never affects them from doing all that they want to and we can take away a lot of learning from that. 

Comment below your favourite takeaway from all these learnings and if you are someone ready to create your own story, you know where to start – :p

-with love, for love<3

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