Breaking Down the AI Partner Search Process: How Works


At, we pride ourselves for being India’s first AI powered partner search platform. With a vision to revolutionize how traditional matchmaking sites work, Betterhalf exists to curate a seamless and secure experience for you, to help you find compatible matches. But how exactly are we different from the several platforms you may have already used? And how does the AI partner search process work?  Read on to find out.

1. AI based probabilistic iterative learning

The foundation of AI as a technology to aid in AI partner search at Betterhalf is based on probabilistic iterative learning. To understand you as an individual, and what your preferences are in the partner you are looking for, we record the findings shared by you through compatibility and background based questions we ask you based on 100 traits. Besides, Betterhalf combs through your social media profiles (only with your consent, we have access to only what you agree to!) to learn more about your personal and professional life.

Apart from the first hand data you share with us, we also have data from what we call as “the secret sauce of happy marriages from the world’s largest partner genome project”. With a combination of all of this knowledge in process-oriented manner, we assist you in helping you find your compatible Betterhalf! Sounds over-whelming? Leave the work to us, you enjoy the serendipity of finding “the one”.

2. Six Dimensional Profiles

When we promise you true compatibility, we mean it. Profiles at Betterhalf are created with a deep-dive into your personality. And to ensure that your profile represents you as closely as possible (and the same goes for the profiles of your potential matches), Betterhalf takes into account six relationship dimensions to base the profiles on. These dimensions include emotional, intellectual, relationship, moral values, physicality and social style. And of course the secret magic sauce of the AI partner search process.

3. Six Level Verification

At Betterhalf, we are very careful about the safety and security of our users. We understand the various reasons why female users don’t feel safe sharing personal, intimate and sensitive information about themselves on online matchmaking platforms. It is our continued effort to keep fraudulent, creepy, inappropriate and insensitive people away from the platform, so that our users, especially females, have a pleasant experience. For this, Betterhalf makes use of a rigorous six level profile verification technique. This includes a verification of the user’s mobile number, work email, personal email, government ID, Facebook and LinkedIn. This means, the chances of having fake/ unsuitable profiles is reduced to almost negative. We are thorough in what we do, and we show it.

4. Intent matching

One of the biggest reasons that people are usually tired of the available online dating options is because of a mismatch of intent between them and the potential partner. At Betterhalf, we have got you covered for this. The profile of your match will have his/her intent mentioned as well. In an update Betterhalf is working on, which is to be launched really soon, the product will allow you to rate your experiences (the ratings are private) to keep ‘non-serious intent’ at bay. With this upgrade, we aim to make the Betterhalf community a safer and more secure place. This saves you all the time in the world, because you don’t have to go through a long and arduous process of getting to know someone only to realize that both of you have different intentions with regards to the relationship.

Ready to find your Betterhalf? Sign up today! Want to know more about Betterhalf and how it works? Read what our co-founder Rahul Namdev has to say about the product.

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