Busting the Myths Associated with AI Matchmaking

A decade ago, the idea that one could find a life partner through technology fueled by Artificial Intelligence would have sounded like the plot of a gripping science fiction movie.

Today, it is a reality. AI has been pushing the boundaries for development in several spheres, and guess what? Matchmaking is one of them. Matrimony and partner search can be made extremely seamless and efficient with the help of AI. However, everything that is new and evolving comes with its share of myths and doubts. And if you are someone who is against AI matchmaking for any of these myths, maybe you should give this post a read, and AI another chance.

Do you echo any of these thoughts?

1. “It is a de-humanized approach for an inherently humane process”

True that the platform is fueled by technology, but that doesn’t render the process as a dehumanized one, rather, one can say it is a filtered approach. Based on iterative probabilistic update learning, Betterhalf AI Engine only tries to understand what your preferences are in terms of a partner, to try and connect you with like-minded and compatible people. From there on, how you steer the process is up to you. AI as a process simply quickens the pace and the likelihood of you finding a compatible partner.

2. “Only desperate people would opt for AI while looking for partners”

As a society, it is true that alternative methods of looking for a partner have largely been frowned upon. This myth largely stems from the fact that people view AI based matchmaking as something that does not fall in the ambit of “normal”. While we have edged closer to exploring new avenues of meeting partners (the sudden explosion of numerous e-dating platforms), the stigma that people use these platforms out of desperation persists. However, that is not the case with AI matchmaking. Based on your inputs, AI curates a very specific set of matches for you, therefore reducing unpredictability of the negative kind.

3. “I will not have control over the process of searching for a partner”

Wrong – because you are the only one who will have control over it. AI as a technology will first spend time understanding your likes and dislikes, and preferences and scan through thousands of potential matches before giving you a small set of matches that are most compatible with you. Post that, you control how you want to take your connection forward. Right from the beginning till the end of the process, you stay in charge. What AI simply does is, reduce the randomness. Therefore – win-win!

Now that we have de-bunked some of the myths relating to AI matchmaking, we are excited to open a new world of possibilities for you. Haven’t met ‘the one’ you’ve been waiting on, yet? Maybe it’s time for you to try Betterhalf.ai. We are India’s first AI powered life partner search experience for professionals like you. With a six-dimensional personality profile approach, we take a deep dive into your personality to understand the ‘real you’ and curate hand-picked profiles you will love.

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