Compatibility brought us together – Nitin and Jyoti

These two lovely souls met recently on, and their story shows how two people from completely different disciplines were kindly paired. One is a dynamic sports coach, while the other is a sharp employee in the Rajasthan subordinate department.

We had a quick breezy chat with Nitin and he took us through their journey which we sure know you’ll adore.

Stick throughout the article to know how they connected, met and finally got married…

So how did it start?

Jyoti and I connected on 16th March 2021 on Betterhalf which is also the day I downloaded the app, that’s how lucky I am 🙂
I used a lot of apps before this since 2016 but never did I ever find a connection, so I expected it to take longer here as well but clearly not.
Also, Jyoti was the first person I connected with, I mean what are the chances?
We started talking on the app then soon on whatsapp and over calls. All smooth, all nice”

Why did you choose to connect with her? 

Since the app has so many features which clearly tell you so much about the person before connecting, I understood how Jyoti is as a person and realised we are similar and could be so good together. She had mentioned how much she likes to travel and that’s THE SAME for me.

We do have similar interests but also come from different fields. It’s actually nice this way. Also, the best part is that we belong to the same city as well.

When did you two first meet? 

We first met on 22nd March, I asked her out so that we could meet and get to know each other even more. Then we met on Holi as well.

Actually we kept meeting each other frequently, almost every Sunday. 

Very soon our families met too. All smooth and nice again 🙂

How about the wedding?

Jyoti and I managed everything together since there was a complete lockdown. From families to wedding shopping and more. We decided on a date but it obviously got postponed because covid, finally got married on 29th April. Sure, this was all quick but it all felt right. Might seem a lot like arranged marriage and it is but a very happily arranged one. 

Your experience?

Oh! A very fantastic one. As I mentioned that I had been using a lot of apps but nah! Nothing at all and here it finally happened for me.

I honestly recommend it to all my single friends looking for partner. 

And the best thing is that it is so user friendly, not complicated at all unlike the other apps I was using. I am extremely grateful for this well managed app. Love it!

Hoping you enjoyed this couple’s journey to happily ever after and start yours soon. 

-with love, for love<3

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