Compatibility is the heart of this relationship.

Ankit and Payal are a modest, sweet and well-matched pair. It’s a pleasure to learn about their journey because it’s so smooth and soothing. Oh, and the compatibility they hold is incredible.

Not going to lie but after listening to their story we were a little more proud of our compatibility matching at!

We spoke to the couple and with all the giggles they gave us an insight to their story. Let’s dig in?


First of all, I love the fact that AI or the technology actually holds the power to help us reach our life partner. It’s fascinating and almost unreal.

So, Payal and I are from different cities but belong to the same religion. We got married on 16th Feb’2021, luckily before the lockdown. 

I had installed the app for the second time. Honesty, the first time I wasn’t committed to the whole process of finding a partner and was simply browsing. But my next time on the app turned out to be a pretty serious experience. Payal was literally my first match and we started talking in a day’s time after matching.


Similarly, I was pretty serious too about finding a genuine partner through I downloaded the app around August and wanted someone from the same caste. My requirement was very clear and at that time the app didn’t have the feature or filter to find someone from the same caste. 

But very soon it did and immediately after that I found Ankit. 

The best part for me is that I was able to find a life partner on my own unlike on other apps where parents take the first decision.


We met first in Gurgaon, made some amazing memories. It was just the two of us and had a nice dinner date. Our families were involved since the beginning because we chose to keep it that way to avoid any drama later. They too had a clear idea since the very beginning that we have each other and might get together for life. 

Ankit and Payal on their compatibility:

Initially we were obviously a little shy and serious but when we met we learnt a lot about each other. We had almost EVERYTHING in common! Everything like the decor choices, movies, food choices and a lot more. 

We remember that was the exact reason we matched too on the app. When we took  the compatibility test, our answers were THE same. 

That test made us realise how great we are together. 

Later in our relationship, Payal used to say that I am her male version and she is my female version. Another thing that holds us together is that we give each other good space and that is extremely important.


There wasn’t a proposal as such but a very mutual way out. It was completely effortless…no questions/ no answers. Simply happened and that is what I admire the most. We knew we wanted each other.

Both of us were due a genuine compatible partner and I can happily say …the wait was worth it. is brewing more such stories and making love happen even in the middle of a chaotic time when we need LOVE the most…

-with love, for love <3 

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