Dear Men, we heard you! Dear Ladies, we’re making your experience better!

Dear gentlemen, do you often wonder “How will I be seen among the 100 requests?” or “How am I going to catch her attention?” 

Dear ladies, do you often wonder “How do I know who is a little more interested in me than the rest?” or “Who really finds me compatible and wants us to give it a shot?”

Say no more because our Product team at has heard you and introduced a perfect feature for you *Drumroll please*

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Did You Know?  A female user receives 30-50 requests per day, which may be rather overwhelming, and we don’t want you to get lost in the shuffle. What if this prevents you from reaching the person who is meant for you? We certainly can’t let that happen, since we are all about love and AI matchmaking. The intention of this new function is to ensure that nothing gets in the way of you discovering your Better half, as well as to help quicken up the process.

The fresh feature “Sparkle” will take care of this stress and make it a lot smoother. Now, how does this work? 

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For our Male members:

Try Sparkle and send it to someone who you are most interested in. Once sent, your profile will feature prominently and you’ll always remain on the top of their connection request list. This itself will increase your chances  of connecting rather than being lost in between so many other requests. 

Sparkle clearly gives you an upper hand to connect with someone you like. By being a Sparkle user you can be 10x more likely to make a connection and conversation. Doesn’t this itself provide a lot of value? 

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For our Female members:

Someone will send you a Sparkle if they really find you compatible. Sparkle is his way of expressing that he thinks its really worth a shot! These requests will feature prominently on top of other requests. Now, if you know someone is really keen then maybe he has taken the pain to go through the compatibility factors that match for both of you and hence send you Sparkle? These requests are highly likely to be compatible. It would be really nice to either accept or decline these requests so that the other person really knows what you think!

With love and gratitude, we open this special impactful feature for you. Access it today on our app and enjoy being a priority in that long list of requests.  Make sure you have the latest updated version of the app. If not, please download the latest version from the App store/ iOS.

Have any more questions about Sparkle? Drop them below in the comment section.

-with love,for love<3 

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