Everyone has their own brand of Romance, What’s yours?

Is your love in the details or in going fancy? Is your wedding plan destination-based or rather local? We have lately observed colourful patterns in the fabric of love, more so in the way love is being solemnised these days! Based on the recent events, here are the five categories that modern romance falls in:

Marry in Italy

The Ambanis love it! Deepika- Ranveer, Virat – Anushka; they do too! The Tuscan aura of Lake Como is really trending, followed by a honeymoon chasing northern Lights in Lapland or a safari in Africa. This is how Virat and Anushka did it! More or less, if this is your romance label, no marks for guessing that you want something fancy yet something intimate at the same time. You are one for the fairy tales, and in case, the prince charming hasn’t yet arrived, you could find him on Betterhalf.ai

Everyday phenomenal

Wait! There is something wrong with this! Of course, it is “#EverydayPhenomenal”, how could we forget the hashtag? After all, it is Twitter queen and ultimate diva, Sonam Kapoor’s wedding hashtag. Sonam’s wedding was a Punjabi affair, with Ranveer and Arjun and literally the rest of Bollywood drunk singing and drunker-dancing! You are looking for fun, partying, and yes, giving major goals while you do it!

Marry Royal

The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dream wedding is what you aspire to be at! And if we get closer to home, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jijaji marrying in some royal palace of Jodhpur; that is grand too! True to the roots, ethereal and a royally done event! Your romance has its own rules, without much heed to the societal rules! You go, girl!

Ranbir style

Well, we are still indecisive if this is nearing a wedding anytime sooner, but just for the sake of Alia Bhatt, we hope it does! Your style is more MULTI-PLAYER (Get it?). You are confused or some would even go to an extent of calling you a cheat, but you say you are still thinking. We could really help you with that, in case you haven’t still found what you seek. Just a download away!

The Practical

And maybe your romance isn’t any of these, but very cute instead! Maybe your romance is just talking on the sofa after a tiring day, and then pillow fights. Maybe your romance isn’t Italy. Maybe your romance isn’t confused. Maybe you know that it’s all the tiny bits that people don’t consider; and we think that’s the best kind of love where cuddling over a nice movie feels better than any fancy date. We ship you hard!

Do let us know which hopeless romantic category is your tribe, and keep reading to feel the love!

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