Green Flags in your relationship for you to notice

Relationships have both- the red flags and the green flags. We are obviously always conscious about the red flags but today we thought why not explore the greens? Now, if you are someone who is happily  with a partner but aren’t really sure about being ready for marriage then this is just the article for you. represents love and precisely why encourages you to acknowledge and spot it today. Let’s get started, shall we?

GREEN FLAGS in your relationship

You are the happiest around them

You know that feeling when you are around a person and just their presence makes you ecstatic. No matter what the situation is, you simply know that you have them around and it’s all going to be fine. Well, if you are experiencing this with your partner then that’s one of the green flags dear. 

When he/she respects you even when angry

Respect in a relationship is as important as love is. Look out if your partner respects you even when you are in the middle of an argument because if so then you have a major green flag for yourself. Anger is a common feeling but harming your partner because of that isn’t and shouldn’t be common. 

You can tell them anything without the fear of judgement

There are only a few people in our life we are truly honest with. To whom we tell about our feelings, the sad and the happy ones. It’s important that your partner is one of those few people. Only to know for a fact that you can share anything or everything with them is a blissful feeling and OH! Another green flag. 

When he/she supports and is proud of your career moves

Your career is without a doubt important to you and with that it is important in a relationship for both the partners to support each other. After All that’s what families do right? 

You sometimes succeed and sometimes it’s not exactly the way you want but if your partner claps for you in both the situations- There! Is your green flag. 

You give each other the space needed.

Falling in love is magical but we are individuals first and need our own breathing space. Giving space is one of the signs that your partner honours and loves you. Make sure you are loving each other and are not “dependent” on each other. If you have got both love and space with your partner, put on a big fat smile because there’s your super 

green flag. 

When you trust them no matter what the situation.

Cross your heart and answer this- Do you trust your partner? If it’s a firm YES then you are golden with a green flag. Trust makes and breaks everything. It’s healthier and long term that way. 

Congratulations to all those spotting green flags in their relationships. True love is truly a treasure. 

-with love, for love <3

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