Happily Married in 2018

It’s raining love on the Tinsel Town. It all started with the biggest shaadi of last December, the youngest hottest achievers of Bollywood and Cricket, when they tied the knot! After Virushka, it hasn’t even been a year, and we have had a bunch of power couples following the trend. Well, marriage is the trend in India since ages. But, 2018 has been quite the Indian wedding year. Sonam Kapoor became Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Deepika and Ranveer finally said “I do”, and Priyanka has gifted us a videshi damad in Nick Jonas. Not to forget, this was also the year of a Royal Wedding!

With all these couples giving us major relationship goals, we tried finding out what goes behind the making of “Happily Married in 2018”. Times have changed!  In a world, where everything is about instant gratification, these are our top 3 picks on how to be happily married ever after:

  1. Intellectual compatibility: We, at Betterhalf, got info from millions of couples across the globe, and the results told us, that looks don’t really matter! We found out that while seeking a companion, those who chose intellect as a priority had wayyyy more happy marriages. So, it is clear that we must not focus on differences, and that we must find more and more similarities. If you think alike, you are more likely to work as a team.
  2. Communication: This is the key to the fight solution process. You might be the best team, but you also have your differences. For long as you communicate with each other, those differences would only highlight your similarities. It is important to not sleep over things, unlike what is told! Fight it out, talk it out and hug it out. Communication remains the best way to figure it out!
  3. Less Virtual, More Real: Did you know that Anand Ahuja made some special rules for our social media savvy Sonam Kapoor. Sonam or Anand do not use their phones once they enter the bedroom. What they do in the bedroom is obviously a private thing between a man and his wife, but this is an important rule that we could all learn from the young couple. We are wrapped in our busy schedules, and the very few moments that we get with our better half are swallowed in the screens around us. Make this a rule to switch off from the screens every once in a while. Plan phoneless outings, no mail-checks after work, no frenzy to share everything on social media. Make your relation only about yourselves!


Of course, a lot more constitutes a Happily Married life. However, these are the core of any great marriage. And if you are also looking for someone who shares the same thought as you do, download the Betterhalf.ai app and start your search.

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