How AI is Changing Your Perception of Online Dating

AI powered

Online dating has existed since the era of the ancient Yahoo chat rooms, or probably even before that. Over the years, technology has come a very long way in revolutionizing online dating. From not knowing whether you are speaking to a man or woman, or for that matter very little about the individual, the online dating apps today provide greater authenticity to the overall experience of dating in the virtual space.

But, do they? Haven’t we all heard the horror stories of being cheated in several ways through what are considered as some of the best online dating apps, even today? In a lot of ways, most of these dating apps are a sophisticated makeover of the cruder versions we had all those years ago.

However, there is an incredible piece of good news for everyone sick of swiping left and right but never really finding the “right” match. The experience of online dating is here to change forever with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technology. Unbelievable? Well, here are five ways AI powered dating platforms are going to change how you have perceived online dating until now!

    1. Personalized matches

      We mean truly personalized matches. Not the kind that is promised to you but you end up having to speak to flaky people who are different from you in every possible – and not the good kind of different. Usually, there is an excess of unfit choices, and you feel like you are really wasting your time. This issue arises from a lapse of technology to really identify the perfect matches for you. However, Betterhalf AI engine uses probabilistic iterative learning, through which it zeroes down to a number of potential matches for you. Thereby giving you ‘true’ choices, to aid you in your partner search.

    2. A match of “intent”

      ‘Ghosting’ is a popular term used to describe one’s experience in the online dating realm. This means that when one of the two people is not serious or has no intent of taking real steps towards making a real relationship, they disappear. Or ghost. This is one of the biggest reasons why people are jaded with using online dating apps. However, the difference with AI powered dating platforms is that the technology also goes that extra step to really match people according to the ‘intent’ they have of how they want their relationship to progress. With this filter, the chances of a match ghosting is truly minimized.

    3. No more fake profiles

      It is common knowledge that creating a fake profile on an online dating app is child’s play. There are enough and more number of fake profiles in the virtual dating world. This ultimately makes the dating space less authentic, safe, and at times can be really traumatic for people who are at the receiving end of such incidents. AI powered dating platforms counter this problem in a very effective manner. The technology makes use of multi-step verification processes that comb the social media profiles of the user to match the information provided, besides asking for official identification proof, and methods like photo matching. What does this mean? Simply put, you get what you see.

    4. Access to immediate basic information

      To curate the best possible dating experience, AI understands that the user needs to have as much information as possible, to consider a potential match. Instead of the user having to initiate a conversation with the potential match to learn about this basic information, AI does that. With its deep learning capabilities, AI brings out all the relevant information (in as much detail as possible) a user may have to consider before deciding to start speaking to the match in question. Awkward encounters no more.

    5. The Best of Both Worlds for the User

      AI powered dating platforms have managed to achieve what few other dating apps have, the perfect balance between technology and serendipity. AI makes the user’s online dating experience seamless, safe, and honest while letting the user focus on the real and human aspects of the relationship they are looking for. The user enjoys the best of both worlds, of having the opportunity to connect with like-minded potential partners through technology, and the promise of a truly compatible match that comes along with it.

While a few apps like Belong, Bernie, and a few others are making a positive difference to the virtual dating space with the use of AI powered technology, these platforms are yet to debut in India. The good news is, we don’t have to wait for these platforms to launch in India because we have our homegrown AI powered match-making platform – Committed to help professionals find a match through real compatibility scores, BetterHalf goes that extra mile to help you find your significant other. Have you signed up yet?

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