How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) work at Betterhalf?

Betterhalf uses AI from the moment you take your first step until you strike gold and meet your life partner.

Every brand has something to be proud of and is particularly proud of its AI algorithms. Machine learning has become increasingly mainstream and we are all aware of how it has simplified our lives. At, we make it simple and convenient for people to find, connect and communicate with potential life partners using AI.

 Top 3 areas where our AI makes it smooth..

  1. AI predicts matches with one click- onboarding

As soon as you sign up, the AI kicks in to have an overview of your basic information such as first name, last name, marital status, etc. Based on this, we give you an estimate on the profiles that would match your expectations of a future partner. 

Our AI then asks for additional information. Keep it simple and provide accurate and full information in order for AI to use the information to show up recommendations.

2. Compatibility test

AI matches you with profiles that reflect your opinions and genuinely complement your personality based on experts formulated 3-minute questionnaires and 16 behavioral traits. Our compatibility feature has been a game-changer and generates recommendations just in a couple of minutes. 

Our matching algorithm has been and continues to be the highlight of the modern matrimony process. The more you engage with the app and choose who you wish to send a connection request to, the AI will continuously learn the traits of your partner preferences. Once your matches increase over time, the better our AI will get to recommending a perfect match allowing you to find a suitable partner faster for your happily ever after!

3. Ensuring safety with AI – Selfie Verification 

At, we always strive to make the process of finding love and connections online, a very safe experience. Profiles are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that they are genuine. Using AI, we have introduced selfie verification in real time. This guarantees that the person in the photo is the same person in real life. 

Matches are made in heaven, as they claim. is the AI heaven where those matches meet and live happily after.

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