How to increase your chances of matching on Betterhalf?

If you’ve been using for a while but still want more matches, this is the post for you. Here are some ideas from us in terms of increasing your chances of getting matches.

Let’s dive in!

Ways to increase your chances :

Complete your Bio:

Just like you would fill you profile on social media sites and networking sites, dont take matrimony sites to be any different. More the details, better the overview of your personality! Make sure you show a side of your personality you truly connect with – Love reading? Keeping fit and practicing yoga? A hustler with a corporate job? Show the other person a side of you that you truly are.  

Include your current job and place – I work at Microsoft in Pune.
Include your hobbies – In my freetime, I read and occasionally workout
Include a line on your partner preference – I would love to be with someone who can embrace the traditional with a modern twist
Include your personality type – I am an extrovert and make friends easily 

Upload updated photos:

This one is a super needed thing to do. You might have a photo from the past uploaded which is your best picture but it’s crucial to have a latest one on your profile which clearly shows how you look now. Make sure the picture is not filtered with a lot of layers and is of good quality. 

Some pictures are a big no no:
Cropped face image – Some pictures are cropped from the top or are extremely right/ left aligned – these wont work well.
Group image – This is really funny as it can lead to confusion as to who you are! 🙂
Shirtless pictures (Save these for Instagram or fitness videos maybe?)
Pictures that don’t show you – Baby pictures, God/ Goddess pictures, nature pictures etc

Make sure you view your profile yourself once you upload all the pictures!

Dont shy away from that camera and upload atleast 3 pictures. This not only gains trust in your profile but also is a great way to show off your activities – like trekking pictures, pictures during a vacation, selfie etc.

Take & Complete the compatibility test:

Our AI recommends you profiles basis your compatibility with others. Though for our AI to work, It’s first on you to take up the 2 min personality quiz! So it’s pretty evident how this helps you and how it can not if you haven’t taken it yet. 
Our sincere suggestion? TAKE IT TODAY!!

Mention at least 3 languages:

While setting up your partner preferences, mention at least three languages to better your chances. For example: English, Hindi and your mother tongue. This will compare languages and match you with people accordingly hence giving you more advantage.

Be flexible with your partner preferences:

Being flexible while mentioning your partner preferences makes you reach more connections. By flexible we mean having options open. 

For example: add more city preferences like the metro cities, this helps you expand and your profile will reach more potential connections. Also, height preferences– mention a range and not the exact height you want your partner to be. 

Having such flexibility helps you have the bigger picture and not get lost in the minor specific details. 

Get Sparkle :

As mentioned before, we have a special feature for all the men to use and which makes it easier for all the women to make a decision. If you are a guy who is serious about finding a partner and wants to be a priority in the whole list of requests then send a Sparkle to your connection. By being a Sparkle user you can be 10x more likely to make a connection and conversation. 

Love does involve fate but we sure can make it happen with some will and easy steps. If taking these small steps makes you meet the love of your life then why not?

-with love, for love.

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