6 signs that you have found your compatible one!

You must have often heard the usual chant of most people stating they miss the “the spark” or “the click” when they meet someone new or even with people they date. Sometimes, this can be a wish, but most of the time, it’s true. Compatibility isn’t all about a picture-perfect romance. Nothing is perfect in this world. But two imperfects can make a perfect by completing each other’s flaws. 

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But now the major question arises: how will you know if you’re compatible with your partner or not? What will it take to judge if you’re right for each other? 

Well, at betterhalf, we’ve accumulated a few points which can cast you into imagining different aspects of your relationship with your partner. If you agree with most of them, consider yourself lucky to have found a compatible partner. Have a look and decide it for yourself:

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  1. When together, you feel like you’ve known each other all your lives.

A true souvenir of compatibility is when you meet a person for the first time and feel you guys know each other for ages. Even on the first date, both of you didn’t have the need to try hard and impress each other. Being together, even in the initial days was natural and effortless. You instantly realize each other’s likes and dislikes even without really knowing each other.

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2. You can sense comfort around them.

The moment you met each other, you immediately felt a layer of comfort enveloping the actions and the words you shared. Finding comfort doesn’t always mean mutually agreeing on topics but also sharing a weird, but unique trait, exclusive to you both, which nobody else would understand. For some, it can be a very dark or sarcastic sense of humor which is not a people’s pleaser, but is appreciated by your partner and things which make you feel “sure”. Whenever you meet, it’s like you have a list of gossips you just want to exclusively share with them to see the reactions, to see their different facial responses to situations and you could just go on and on to repeat those! 

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3. You TOTALLY understand each other.

When you’re with the right person, you will understand how s/he’ll react and why. Whether it is getting each other’s mean jokes or handling the moods, you will be able to take it all with a warm heart. You can be yourself around that person and can speak your heart out without the fear of being vulnerable. You may sometimes fight too but sharing adequate understanding will ease that up and you’ll feel it as easy and natural as breathing air.

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4. Hold my heart, I see multiple ‘clicks’ 

Most of the couples who find themselves compatible with their partners give credit to the numerous ‘clicks’ they feel with each other. Even though the definition of the click is hard to describe, most of them relate to it as they’ve found someone with whom they’ve matched their wavelength. After a few on and off meetings, if you feel that this person knows me better than most of the people I know, including my friends and family, s/he might be the one to hold forever.

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5. Sugar, spice, and everything nice!

With the right person by your side, you enjoy every moment, even the not-so-great ones. Compatible partners can make even the difficult conversations a walk in the park. Everything seems to be easier than you anticipated. If anything, you might sometimes feel difficult to share a few things just because you may feel it may hurt them and not your relationship, coz whatever the case, you’re sure the other person will understand. 

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6. You bring balance to each other’s lives.

Whether you knew it already or not, sharing a life made you realize what a blessing they are to you and how stabilizing their presence is overall. This realization can be in any form, from personality differences, strengths, and weaknesses, how they teach you the simplest of things, etc. It’s complex and simple at the same time.

If you feel you share a maximum of these above-mentioned points with your partner, congratulations, you are lucky than most of the Indians who don’t find partners compatible enough to spend their lives with. If not, time to seek your compatibility score here

Tell us in the comments below what makes you think your partner is compatible with you. We’re waiting! 

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