How to plan a simple Indian wedding?

A celebration of the union of two individuals promising to share love for one another. Isn’t “wedding” a beautiful concept? 

Marriage is so personal to the two people who are planning to become one and so is the wedding they want to throw. It’s almost like weddings have become about so many other people than just that one couple who are obviously the most important people, especially here in India. 

Although it’s your day, you and your companion should settle on the choice of how the wedding ought to be. Regardless of how Simple or Fancy the wedding is, it’s still extraordinary on the grounds that there’s Love that plays a very precious role between you and your life partner. If you want to plan a beautiful and simple Indian wedding, continue reading….
We might be a little helping hand for your BIG day. 

8 steps to plan a simple Indian wedding in India that’s sophisticated and beautiful 

Finance is the bottom line of any occasion

Before starting on anything you might want to check on your budget for the wedding. Expenses can be made correctly when there is a complete budget ready to follow. 
Go all business style – create spreadsheets, event budgeting software, know your deadlines, know your budgeted v/s actual expenses. 

That Venue you’ll be tying the knot at

Now that you have a definite budget, go ahead and explore the venue options. You could also take advice from the local wedding vendors, they could get you options that you probably weren’t aware of. Once you find top 3-5 convincing venue options, let your inner social media stalker come out and play 😛 

Making offseason purchases will act in your favour

We all know that weddings are a whole separate season hence bookings/ purchases could be really heavy on the pocket when not done way too in advance. Doing this beforehand would get you more variety in a limited pricing and save you from all the last moment chaos. 

Decor could be limited yet fulfilling if done smartly

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Wedding decor is the most fun element, the way decors can lit up the whole occasion is so mesmerizing. Although, going extra with these arrangements isn’t the only way out. 

Start by creating a mood board on Pinterest by saving all your favourable minimalistic decors. Choose a fresher in the field of event management, he/ she will put in all heart and effort being the initial first project they would want to do it all right.  Work together with them and execute your dream wedding view. 

Creating a rational guest list would make it convenient and more special

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Wouldn’t it be best when you marry the love of your life gathered by your close ones who are very genuinely by your side and are as happy as you are on your special day?

Formality sure is a trend here but nothing is more important than what you and your partner feel about the same. So, make the decision of the guest list being practical by adding on the ones who actually matter. And let’s face it, isn’t it convenient financially too? 

How about a family member/ friend to anchor at your wedding ?

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This could be another good idea you can go for. Either pick one or have everyone anchor your wedding in bits. This increases the fun element and the job gets done too. Another advantage is that it adds a personal touch to the whole occasion. 

Shortening the timeline makes it quick and less heavy on the pocket

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Schedule the whole occasion which fits the time frame and your budget. Be clear with the “must-haves” with your wedding planner. If the time frame does not match with a few of your guest’s daily schedules… Well, what are after-parties for? 

ENJOY! It’s not a race.

photo courtesy: linandjirsablog

Even though planning a shaadi could be one big task but eventually the day is YOURS! 

Breathe and take in each moment with your partner, family and friends. That’s what counts when you would look back 8-10 years from now. Lastly, remember your wedding is not and shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s, the day is yours to live and make the most of. 

Getting married is the end result, do it how you want, plan it how you want, live it how you want. Look in the eyes of your partner, if you see happiness…THERE! It’s a successful wedding. Honestly, there’s no cheat code or rocket science to plan a simple Indian wedding.

A very happy wedding to all the ones planning on tying the knot. Sending lots of love and light your way. 

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A special shoutout to inandjirsablog for capturing these amazing pictures.

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