Indians are turning to “Virtual Weddings” in the times of Coronavirus

Oh, the wait for the lockdown to get over feels like forever! has seen a massive jump in the engagement in the past 45 days. Folks are making the best of the quarantine times to make new connections on the app and spend some time knowing each other before they actually meet.

The nationwide lockdown has put everything on hold, whether it is a long-planned vacation, education, and most importantly, marriages! The lockdown has bounded couples to postpone their weddings which were earlier planned for March and April. But those who still vouch by their fixed wedding plans are adopting a  new idea of getting married amid this nation shutdown called ‘virtual weddings’.

Photo courtesy: Times of India

According to the latest report by Times of India, couples are not hesitating to take their relationships to the ultimate level by beautifying it into marriage even in the times of nationwide lockdown. One such marriage was captured by the TOI team in New Delhi on April 14. Avinash and Kirti proceeded with their relationship by officiating it as an online wedding which was virtually attended by 80 of their close friends and relatives. Amidst the lockdown, the couple did want to perform a proper marriage with all the ceremonies and rituals intact including mehendi, and a sangeet ceremony held online followed by the marriage which was performed according to the Hindu custom wherein a ‘pandit’ (priest) chanted Hindu mantras on a video call.

We had a grand wedding planned in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, with over 8000 expected guests. But things got changed a bit. We did not want our wedding to go beyond April. So we thought of an online wedding. We had a proper Hindu marriage but online. And we are happy about it,” concluded Avinash.

Another couple based in Kerala tied the knot amidst the lockdown in the presence of their family members and virtual blessing from their relatives through a video call. Isn’t that lovely?

With the Hindi rituals placed correctly, let’s see how the Muslims are performing their wedding this quarantine. According to the same source, twelve Muslim couples in Madhya Pradesh also entered into the wedlock on April 17, through video conference. The reformist Muslim community has been organizing mass (multiple) marriages at Guna every year in April for quite some time now. As the coronavirus crisis disrupt this year’s schedule, the Sheher Qazi of Guna conducted ‘nikah’ online. All of the 12 grooms and brides consented the marriage through a video call. And voila! In less than an hour, they were married without stepping out of their homes. 

With the lockdown extended in most of the states, marriages are affected severely. But since we rely on the online matchmaking and matrimony apps in India like for finding a life partner online, then why hesitate from performing an online wedding too.
Too less an expenditure, what do you think? Are these ‘virtual marriages’ a good idea? Let us know in the comments.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/@luxstudio_py @jae_pk @peppeads @sonu_photography_balapur
Courtesy: Times Of India

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