Mindful ways to communicate better in a relationship

It goes without saying that communication is one strong pillar of every relationship. In order to have a happy and healthy relationship, both partners must communicate. It isn’t about small conversation either. It’s fine to inquire about your partner’s day, but if you want an outstanding connection, you must delve further. It’s all about meeting your partner’s requirements when it comes to learning how to communicate in a relationship.

Before we get into the few ways to better your communication in the relationship let’s set this right – “Listening is a very huge important part of communication”

On that note, let’s get into a few ways to make your communication more mindful….

Have a clear communication with yourself first.

What have you been up to lately? What kind of relationship do you wish to have with your partner? How has your partner responded to you recently? Or do you believe you need to work on your techniques? 

Before you move on to improving things with your partner, you should get answers to these and other questions. It gets easier for you and your partner when you are clear and detailed about what you desire.

Observe your partner’s map of the relationship.

Now that you are sure of what you desire, it’s as important to understand what your partner does. If your partner is behaving unusually or quietly or anything at that, then maybe they have something bothering going on in their mind which you might not be aware of. Maybe a step from your side could bring them closer to talking and making the communication better. Just like you have an opinion about the relationship your partner has one too, calibrate your partner. 

Open gates to listening.

Let your partner know that you are all ears when they are talking their heart out. Even if you disagree with your partner’s viewpoint, it’s critical to pay attention to why they feel the way they do. They should extend the same courtesy to you. 

When having a difference of opinion , don’t make it a contest. Instead, listen and understand before you keep forward your point. This way it is not an argument but 2 adults having a conversation.

We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.

 A Big NO to the silent treatments

It’s actually a very popular way chosen by a lot of people/ couples. It is believed that silent treatment is the easiest way out but definitely not an effective one. Talking about your feelings is mature and decreases the gap between. So, cut being silent and go talk to your love. It’s a short life, might as well say it out loud.

Assuming is not amusing

We humans are great at assuming things especially when it comes to our closed ones. Consciously make it a point to never assume and reach out to your partner. Ask questions, efforts are sexy 😛


As we grow into the relationship we tend to stop doing all those cute stuff we used to do at the beginning of the relationship. Love and compliments should stay the same throughout. Go all in and annoy your partner with tons of compliments, hugs and kisses. 

It might seem like a big task to maintain healthy communication. In reality, it’s really a piece of cake when the bond is unshakable and at last it all goes well when there is love involved. 

-with love,for love <3

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