Planning to get married? 5 things to ask yourself

 For a second let’s imagine how it would be if this concept wasn’t there at all, it’s almost impossible. It’s such a special and fun way to commit love and make someone such a huge part of your life. Betterhalf has brewed over 1,025,357 genuine connections, seeing people find love has been and is a happily overwhelming journey.

Although, as exciting as it can get to throw a wedding to hundreds of people and feel so special alongside your partner, it also is an extremely major decision of an individual’s life. Hence, rushing into it is absolutely not the way to go about it.

Here are 5 things to ask yourself before you answer “toh shaadi kab hai?”

1. Am I doing this because I want to or is it because my “pados waali aunty” thinks I should ?

It’s no surprise that “society” influences us and our families a lot. There are societal norms like you should be married before 30, you should adjust, etc which could easily get into our heads. But the ownership is ours to take because let’s face it that the society isn’t going to come and make you happy when you aren’t.

If the answer to this question is “I am getting married because I want to and I feel the connection” then GREAT. Let’s move on.

2. What are my partner’s thoughts about our future?

 What are your partner’s thoughts about kids, about families, about balancing the work life? This may seem like a lot of they are practical and “must know”.  

Living and loving in the present is great but your partner is probably having some thoughts about the future and you might want to talk about it so that there are only surprises and not any shocks in the coming future.

3. How are our relationships with each other’s families? 

 Of Course choosing a partner is totally on you first but don’t you want both the families to be involved with all the love and blessings from them? Duh! You do!

One way to go about this is to plan frequent meetups with both the families and build that bond. Observe things like the family’s routine, views about certain things and them in general. 

4. How do you and your partner solve conflicts?

Conflicts come handy with all relationships but what controls them is our way of dealing. You certainly might know your way but try and find out how your partner goes about it. 

Marriage is accepting and loving someone all your life, don’t you wish to know how your partner is at his or her lowest? 

Fights can get weird, simply love your weirdo through it.

5. What are my partner’s unusual habits?  

What if you get to know about the unusual habits of your partner way later in the marriage? Bummer! You obviously want that. 

We all have certain habits that are built over time and can be different from each other. But when you are sharing such a close bond you obviously would want to know about them. It can be anything from day to day lifestyle habits or some major role playing habits. Tap into your partner’s world and let them tap yours. 

There can be many more questions that could pop up in your mind that are as important as the ones mentioned above, go after the answers like you went after your partner :p

Love and embrace each other, everything else would easily seem penny.

Lastly, if your question is “How do I find Love”,  could surely be a help for that one too

 – with love, for love <3

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