Souvenir Serendipity: We met, rejected, then fell in love again!

Manoj and Archana had a very ironic start to their story. The couple rejected each other before they finally got matched on Betterhalf.

“I was searching for a partner along with my parents in a very traditional, Indian-matchmaking concept of searching the bride through referrals or with the mainstream matrimonial sites. During this exploration, I received the proposal of Archana through a relative of mine but looking at her hobbies and aspirations, I thought we might not be good together so I rejected her. After a month or two, when I saw Archana on Betterhalf with 85% compatibility score, I started doubting my decision. I started the chat with her and gradually realised that she is actually quite compatible with me. So, yeah, I am kinda guilty to say that I rejected her earlier based on a piece of paper.” Manoj said.

Talking about the concept of serious dating or marriage, Archana was the one who wasn’t really ready to take a dip into the ocean of marriage. Marriage was something her parents were more interested to take ahead in a traditional way. So, to explore some prospects before settling down, Archana downloaded Betterhalf and luckily, found Manoj to be her knight in the shining suit.

“ When I found Manoj on Betterhalf, I too remembered rejecting him the first time. But, as I saw our compatibility score and not a very rigid bio-data  on Betterhalf, I found him quite interesting. While we chatted about religion, family, hobbies and core values, we both felt something there. It was so natural, so we decided to continue the chat for months.” Archana concluded.

Why do you think this match was different from others?

Archana: As opposed to clichéd texts or dreadful pick-up lines, chat with Manoj was kind of natural. I felt the comfort, trust and ease of being myself. We shared the same sense of humor. We also had so many interests and values in common that really mingled us well.

Manoj: My first realisation watching her picture was that she has an infectious smile and looked like a genuine and a kind-hearted person. She actually wanted to know me more profoundly and was interested in trying things that I liked doing. I loved that she was so adventurous and open to exploring new things.

What do you guys think about this whole roller-coaster ride of finding each other?

Manoj: I never imagined that I could be this lucky in love. I got two chances, with the same person but I didn’t settle with her the first time. But as they say, matches are made in heaven; I say, they are completed through AI. I am really thankful to my stars and of course Betterhalf for making my life brighter with a glowing smile by my side.

Archana: For me, it was all like a dream. I was never ready for marriage so soon and I was kind of sure that this won’t happen earlier than I expected. But, to my surprise, when I met Manoj and found out that he is just the guy I wanted: understanding, caring and with whom I can be myself, I thought why not? That was the day I can recall very vividly and could never consider myself luckier.

Their love story makes us reminisce the concept of serendipity and ignite our faith in the saying: ”Whoever is meant to be together, will eventually find their way!”


When a love story is brewed, it should be relished by everyone. So, if you two too happen to meet through Betterhalf, share your success story with us. To submit your success story, email

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