The Great Indian Arranged Marriage Saga: Beautiful Girls meet Young Achievers

!If you were looking for a summary of what is wrong with the Indian arranged marriage system, simply refer to the ad which came out just few days back. And to top it all, this happened in one of the most respected newspapers (The Hindu) in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India, Bengaluru

The ad copy succinctly summarizes in bullet points everything that is stopping the progress of this country and happy marriages. The utter transactional nature of the ad has angered many and rightly so.

The thought that the ‘Young Achievers of India’ are expected to gather on ‘International Youth Day’ and vie for the best ‘trophy partner’, all the while munching on a ‘veg meal’ makes you question the claim of Bengaluru as ‘Silicon Valley’ itself! Is this what young India really wants? Is this what IIM graduates, IAS officers and entrepreneurs really want? If that is so, it is scary.

Surprisingly, caste, which is the main driver of arranged marriages in India was missing in this slew of misogynist and classist requirements. Makes you wonder if the upper echelons of society all have started to see beyond caste and have made status and class their main barrier. But hey, ‘beautiful girls’ are allowed without caste, class and achievement included.

We know that every person wants to marry a partner who is accomplished and is financially stable. But what about emotional, social, physical and intellectual compatibility? The world is moving beyond social structures of the man being the provider of the house and the woman the caretaker. India needs more young men and women who are supportive of their partners and push them to strive better instead of just ‘beautiful wives’ and ‘wealthy husbands’.

Such 19th century swayamvars under the garb of ‘The Grand National Young Achievers Matrimony Meet’ need to stop. This is a classic case of who takes a stand first; the newspaper needs ad revenues to sustain in the cut throat world. The organizer of the event, who was the typical ‘marriage bureau’ uncle needs to earn his income in the world of matrimony websites. The parents of high achievers want the best partner according to their standards. So who takes a stand?

It’s the young achievers themselves who need to take a stand! Connect with another person on your dreams, goals and aspirations. Move beyond the traditional and find someone worthy of your achievement in life!

We at are committed to moving beyond this sexist and patriarchal agenda and providing a unique platform for people to find life partners. We believe there is more to marriage than just finding a ‘beautiful wife’ or a ‘rich husband’. India needs more young men and women who are in happy and secure relationships so that they can be productive in their careers and improve the world we live in.

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