Their forever began with Friendship!

Don’t you just know it when the stars are aligning and you feel like you have definitely found the one! This is what happened with Haily when she matched with Ronak on and started chatting. From being compatible to getting serious about planning their future together – love how Haily took control of the most important decision of her life! 

Continue reading to know and go all “awwish”….:P

We had a fun conversation with Haily and she went all in by telling us about how they got together.  

The friendship zone…

“I am from Baroda and Ronak is from Ahmedabad. We are in very different professions, I am a kid’s photographer and he is a businessman. 

So the day I registered on the app, only a day after Ronak and I matched. After talking to him I honestly didn’t feel like connecting with anyone else, it was so friendly since the start. I just had two matches and he is one of them, I unmatched the other one because the feeling with Ronak was pretty much what I was looking for. 

We simply started off as friends and things started getting pretty serious soon. It’s good that way because with friends you can completely be yourself and know the real personalities. Although, there was a day when I got a little frustrated about the fact that this wasn’t going anywhere. Sure, talking was fun but I needed some clarity and the assurance that we are not wasting time….”

The first surprise…

“I got pretty mad at him on the call. The same day at night he gave me a call asking about where I am and that he is here in my city to meet me. He came to apologize and meet me in person for the first time.

I was so surprised and till date find it so romantic. That was the first time we met, it wasn’t really a date but OH! It was so much fun. He had come for a day and we went out for lunch, coffee and simply to hangout. That time I was sure he is the one because Ronak is such a decent guy with genuine intentions and respect for women. I could just feel it and that is something I observe in men. He is simply perfect. He returned home and we spoke a lot on calls till we went on our first official date in his city, Ahmedabad” 

The first “I Love You”

“So we met around Diwali. After that, one day I was talking to him on the phone in a corner and suddenly he said “I love you so much”, and my reaction was “WHAAT, say that again?”. It was so sweet and the feeling of happiness was unexplainable. 

I was looking for a partner since 2016 and the wait was worth it”

The engagement… 

We’ve had our ups and downs, to work on the relationship, the distance and family wise as well. But we for sure wanted to spend our life together. So we spoke to our respective families. They didn’t completely agree at first but it all worked out eventually. Our love for each other was clearly visible.

The day our parents met each other, an uncle of mine suggested we get engaged already as there is no point in wasting time when the decision is made. Also, due to covid it did make sense to us. I still can’t digest the fact that we got engaged in a day without any planning.

It’s honestly something I enjoyed as I like intimate occasions where you can be yourself. 

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Lastly, we simply can’t wait to get married next year. To live, love and laugh together for all our lives.”

Didn’t you go like “awwww..” after knowing the story.

Haily and Ronak are the perfect fit in this imperfect time and this is why does what it does. Such stories give the Betterhalf family the motivation to keep making matches especially in this time of chaos. 

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