This couple restored our faith that love always finds its way!

From #LockdownLove to #MarriageVows – this couple is all set for taking the leap!

Think of this movie plot – a boy and a girl meet, fall in love, girl’s family refuses but the boy keeps making efforts to convince the family for the love of his life! Perfect? Just like the love story of our couple Shivam and Saumya who met on

Their story could easily inspire more people to believe in the magic and the power of love that is subtle, mature and genuine. It also stands as a testimony that love always finds its way, even if it is faced with unexpected challenges of being in different cities and being in the middle of a pandemic. We reached out to Shivam who graciously shared their story with us. 

He told us about his connection with Saumya and how they both felt.

“We felt the same connection at first, had similar thoughts, even the words we used were the same. So honestly, there is no one reason as such behind we choosing to be with each other, it’s simply the connection we felt when we spoke” 

“We both absolutely LOVED talking to each other.  We were based in different cities and due to Covid restrictions we could not travel to see each other! The distance made us miss each other. We compensated that by getting on a call at every opportunity possible – in between work breaks, at night and talk a lot”

After a few days and endless phone calls, they knew that they were made for each other. They wanted to take it forward and they told their parents about their definite Betterhalf. But since her parents were less convinced, Shivam took the plunge to go meet her and her parents. 

“We first met on March 7th, directly at her place. I was predominantly there to convince her parents. Saumya’s parents were in denial mode at first, I am sure they must have had their own concerns but I personally wanted to meet them and was hoping that they get to know me better in person. Saumya and I genuinely loved each other and we together wanted our parents to know the same. My parents were completely ready from the beginning and later we had Saumya’s parent’s blessings as well. They mostly felt better after meeting and knowing me” 

We then wanted to know who made the first move to take this relationship to marriage level and so Shivam responded, 

“OF COURSE ME!, I was actually very straightforward with what I was looking for. When we started talking initially, I told Saumya that I am here on the app to find a genuine connection and my intention is to get married. Turns out, Soumya wanted the same and it made me feel ecstatic.”

“My parents had been trying to find an eligible partner for me for a year through different apps and so I decided to take the matter in my own hands! I downloaded Betterhalf but was inactive initially but within a week Soumya and I connected. I really got lucky and am very grateful to .”

It gives us immense pleasure and happiness to facilitate genuine connections like this. We would like to wish this beautiful new couple a very happy wedding and a life full of LOVE. <3

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