Two different cities, one funny incident, and a happily ever after!

Afreen and Farahan are the kind of couple that everybody wants to hang out with. It astounds us to see how much fun they have together and how fully they live each moment of their lives.

We had a very fun conversation with Afreen and she enthusiastically told us about their story about how they met on, had a crazy time, and finally took the step from #LockdownLove to #MarriageVows

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Firstly, Afreen told us about how they connected..

“I am originally from MP and Farahan is from Mumbai. I was working in Delhi when I first started using After a month of being on the app I connected with Farahan. He was in Pune, working as a software engineer. 

After talking to each other on the app almost everyday we switched to phone calls and whatsapp chats. A month of talking virtually and getting to know each other we finally met. Farahan came all the way from Pune to Delhi and we had a blast together”

Their first day out together… 

“It was a 2 day trip for him and I was excited and nervous all together. I took him for a Delhi tour to all the famous places and we were roaming around the city all day long. It’s amazing how I was so comfortable around him. Farahan is a very jolly person and super humorous. He kept cracking jokes and I definitely laughed a lot. Also, he kept taking my pictures which I thought was very sweet. At last, we had dinner together and moved towards the hotel where he was supposed to stay.”

That unexpected crazy incident…

“This is an incident we’ll never forget and always laugh at. So on the first day in Delhi Farahan had booked a hotel room for himself and when we reached there at night, the guy who is supposed to be the manager was sleeping and we couldn’t get in even after trying a lot. All night long, we dragged the bags around the city, talking and laughing along till we finally booked another hotel for him and I went back home. It was one crazy night, the good thing here was that we got to spend some more time together. 

Afreen continued by telling us how compatible they are with each other…

“The way we were so compatible with each other made me realise he is the one. See, I am a very simple girl and always wanted someone who is genuine and who understands me. Especially a good listener and Farahan really is a great listener, he is so calm when I speak which I absolutely adore. 

Till date, we both literally enjoy each moment and our happiness doesn’t depend upon the outside world. Even in this pandemic, where everything is shut, we have fun together at home. Not just this, Farahan also supports me in every aspect, he loves cooking and so we cook together. He makes everything so funny and light is why as a couple we never get bored nor let anyone else get bored :P”

The time when they decided to get married…

“ Initially the intention was to simply spend time and learn about each other. After months of talking and meeting each other every 15 days we decided in December to take this forward and involve our families. My parents told me if i am happy then so are they and that there is nothing to worry about. 

Both of our families met and we planned to get engaged in March but just 2 days before the wedding, the lockdown was announced. We had everything planned and the bookings were done too. Sure, we were disappointed and kept thinking about what to do next. During the lockdown and that distance for such a long time we realised that we simply wanted to get married directly and so we did in November’2020. 

With our closed ones we had a small ceremony, it was’nt as fancy as we planned it would be but yet so precious. Both of us enjoyed everything- the pre wedding shoot, the small engagement ceremony before the wedding, all the events and the togetherness as a couple.”

The couple is now living in Pune together, working from home and supporting each other with everything. We are personally very proud of them to handle each situation so maturely while being so fun. They clearly show, it is not the outside world that makes anything special, it’s our special love that does. 

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-with love, for love.            

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