When distance can’t keep your destinies away- A story of Uddipan and Suprabha

They say love stories are made in heaven, what if you find your matchmakers on Earth?
Well, if you think fairytales are the talk of the past, wait till you hear this wonderful testimonial of a couple who found each other on Betterhalf. 

A year back, I saw a popup of the app “Betterhalf.ai” to find compatible partners. Maybe an intuition, but I got interested in checking the app out. After almost 2-3 months of downloading the app on my cellphone, I didn’t really paid it a visit as I wasn’t feeling like it.  And suddenly one day, my phone popped another message flowering the connection request from a girl named Suprabha Samanta. I explored her request a day later and started the conversation. As the conversations grew deeper, we started to feel free with each other and shared our stories regarding our past life. And that’s where we felt compatible with each other which no meter can calculate better.” Uddipan remarked. 

It’s just one of those things where you feel your frequency getting matched with someone which brought us together so soon. We regulated our conversations to know each other well and while doing so, we included the time with our families, working out on a daily basis and definitely, finding time for ourselves at the end of the day. Though our educational backgrounds are completely different where she is pursuing her Master’s degree and I am engaged with an IT job, we did find time to interact with each other on other common grounds. In fact, we love discussing our professions as well. To be specific, we used to retrieve the time for us out of our daily regimes which only happens when you feel both to be on the same page.” Suprabha concluded.

When we asked them both what was that “thing” that made them both fell in love, they surprisingly said, “ People do ask us the same question to understand how we landed in a committed relationship so soon but frankly speaking with our own experience, it just happens, you just know it’s right for you. There are no specific rules and regulations for falling in love and you get to realize that all of a sudden”.  

Continuing their love story, Uddipan explained their “only trouble” in their otherwise perfect relationship. “Finally, we decided to meet each other when we deepened our connection. But the only difficult part in our relationship has been our 220 km distance as we live in different cities (Asansol & Kolkata), though in the same state. It wasn’t possible to meet on a regular basis but Suprabha’s perseverance made it possible in August, 2019.” Reminiscing the day, Uddipan added, “As per me, I had butterflies in my stomach and was a bit tensed wondering how things will turn up. We only had a day or two with us, that too on weekdays and that’s why I had to use an excuse from office to take an off for her. been a bit selfish. We were aware of the feelings we hold for each other in our hearts and took the decision of committing to each other forever. Hence, I found my way to propose her and with a delightful acceptance, she gave me a hug.” 

And now with the COVID crisis, the idea of committing forever enveloped in a marriage faced a delay. “We made it clear to our families about our relationship and willingness to stay together throughout our lives. The only prominent hurdle that time was our physical distance and now it’s seconded with Corona. We had our plans of setting down this year with our families’ acknowledgment, but the current situation worldwide has postponed it indefinitely. I hope, everything goes fine and we tie the knot very soon. But to club the feeling, I would say that I have never been happier before I had Suprabha in my life ❤️

The couple rejoiced every moment of their meeting and summing up their beautiful experience, they concluded, “We used to hear a few years back that long-distance relationships bond a couple better than the rest and now, we have the evidence right in front of us for our very own selves.” they smiled and continued, “Hence, our phones are the only medium of contact to keep in touch with each other. It’s a general feeling for the majority of people that the dating sites are the ones where people hookup for a casual time-pass but it all depends on your perspective. Earlier we too were on the other side unless I found each other.”

And when it comes to a happily-ever-after, people can’t stop praising us, and WE ARE GLAD!

“Regardless of the other apps, Betterhalf provides you the unique opportunity of getting connected to people alike your traits, alike your interests so that two people can filter out their similarities with each other. Moreover, with the concept of artificial intelligence, it helps to reach out to the right person in a better way. We would like to express our earnest gratitude to Betterhalf.ai for bringing us together and embrace our lives forever. No words can pen down our thankfulness to the team as without Betterhalf, we don’t know how we could have ever got connected in our lifetime. 😊 Our best wishes to the Betterhalf team to prevail throughout! ” – Uddipan and Suprabha

We wish both of them all the luck and happiness as nothing excites us more than a happily-ever-after. 

If you too had a Betterhalf story to share with us, write to us at: hello@betterhalf.ai and get featured on our blog. 

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